Our purpose is to create fertile ground for new thinking about how organisations can overcome the barriers to achieving peak performance. Built around a portfolio of unique events, we provide our clients with the knowledge, inspiration and leadership skills needed to excel in a changing environment.

Doyen Africa is a professional development provider with an expanding footprint. Head Office situated in South Africa, we research, produce and deliver an extensive range of conferences, exhibitions, workshops and in-house training engagements. These events attract the participation of business leaders and professionals from many of the world’s leading brands.

Our diverse portfolio of conferences and training products cater to the needs of a variety of industries and professional disciplines. We work with leaders and professionals in the:

Corporate /Private Sector

Government / Public Sector

Not for Profit / Community Sector

Our unique events provide our clients with the opportunity to share experiences and exchange ideas with regards to leading change and performance improvement in a dynamic, and often disrupted, business environment. The event experience provides an opportunity to learn and network as participants collectively consider solutions to problems and consider pathways to a more productive future. The powerful process allows participants to consider previously unseen alternatives, refine their approach and commit to actions that will enhance their performance to their better serve clients and stakeholders.

Our unique events address critical issues that command the attention of today’s business leaders and managers. The practical value of the content delivered rests with the case studies, presented by leading practitioners who deal with the real business challenges every day. With built-in discussion time, we ensure that mo programme is overloaded, and there is ample time for discussion and reflection on the key issues. Our interactive program format creates an environment that facilitates shared learning and networking.
If you need an industry benchmark to assess your organisations progress, a professional need to expand your network, connect and do business with new prospects, or simple need inspiration and learn “how –to”you need to look no further than Doyen Africa.

Doyen Africa provides a variety of corporate training events, workshops and in-house training engagements for both public and private sector. Doyen Africa is in constant direct contact with professional bodies and governments to obtain feedback about changing professional development needs and issues of emerging interests. Workshops and trainings are developed for specific vertical industries as well as organisational functions. Course offerings can also be tailored and offered “in-house” to meet specific client requirements for those organisations who have a a significant number of individuals requiring training.